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Demo Bikes & Custom Builds

Demo Bikes

505 Cycles Demo Program is for serious buyers who are in the market for an advanced level bike. If you desire a unique chance to ride something more than what’s typically out there and an opportunity to try before you buy, then our demo program is for you. 

If you’re looking to rent a bike, please visit our rentals page.

Experience Quality

We provide extended demos so that you can have time to truly get the best feel for the bike’s dimensions, context, performance, and fit so that you are comfortable with your decision and confident with the size, style, and model you choose.

How It Works

Our demo program is a great way to get an extended test ride on advanced level bikes for free.

Come to the shop 

Fill out a Demo Agreement Form

Choose your demo bike

Ride local, Farmington trails for up to two hours

Available Demo Bikes



Shred Dogg

Shred Dogg

The Smash

The Smash

Trail Pistol

Trail Pistol

Custom Builds

We can build your dream bike. All custom builds start with a Guerrilla Gravity frame, and then you choose all design elements and components to fit your individual style.

Guerrilla Gravity Carbon Frames

Revved Carbon Technology combines a revolutionary manufacturing process and evolved carbon fiber material to create the next generation of durable mountain bikes. 

These frames are made in North America using environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Fully Customized

We have extensive customization options for every bike, meaning you get the bike that’s dialed for you and your riding style. 

Our extensive customization options allow you to choose:

Your favorite decal color 

Your favorite fork 

Your favorite shock 

Your favorite brakes 

Your favorite drivetrain 

...and more

Certified New Mexico True Logo

505 Cycles is the only sporting goods retailer to be certified New Mexico True