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Guerrilla Gravity

Guerrilla Gravity Customs & Base Models

We have fully built Guerrilla Gravity bikes available. Ride out as is, or customize your bike to fit your individual ride style.

Visit us at the shop to check them out and talk customizations.

The Smash

The Smash


The rebel spirit of Joe Strummer lives on in The Smash, inspiring riders to choose their own path, no matter what stands in your way. The combination of GG-style geometry and Freedom Linkage suspension platform creates a 29er you can take on anything from epic big mountain days, to days in the bike park, to your rock-strewn after-work lap.

Riders can choose between Crush Mode and Plush Mode for the suspension platform that’s ideal for your local terrain and riding style. Crush Mode is more poppy and supportive, while Plush Mode is smoother in the rough—turning rock gardens into a fine velour carpet. Further dial in your ride by choosing an air or coil rear shock.

Trail Pistol

Trail Pistol


Believe it or not, for once we've opted to put heavy metal in the past and upgraded the Trail Pistol to a Revved Carbon rear triangle that’s 300 grams lighter and 50% stiffer. With the Trail Pistol's alloy days behind it, you'll find our Singletrack Flyer is faster, more efficient, and more fun than ever.

Feedback from our community of GG Riders came back loud and clear, Plush Mode was the resounding favorite on the previous generation Trail Pistol. Our engineers took this insight and adjusted the suspension kinematics to boost small bump compliance, without compromising its climbing abilities. The result is a supported ride up with plenty of suppleness to flow through rockier descents.




As a highly refined and extremely versatile trail bike, the Megatrail is built for everything from conquering high-alpine adventures to shredding bike park laps, or just slaying your after-work rides. And when it’s time to turn the Rad up to 11, Gravity Mode™ provides a 20-second, one-bolt geometry toggle that transforms the bike into a downhill dominator—it's like having two bikes!

The Megatrail's design achieves best-in-class pedaling, next-level cornering, and downhill authority. The leverage curve works well with both air and coil shocks, providing support while pedaling, small bump sensitivity, and progression for hard bottom-out resistance regardless of shock choice. Extremely well-tuned anti-squat characteristics and mid-stroke support create a very efficient pedaling platform.

Shred Dogg

Shred Dogg


This is the bike that turns your local trail into your very own pump track. The Shred Dogg provides an exceptionally lively platform for those that value playfulness more than smashing the super-gnar. Yet, with Trail Mode and Gravity Mode™ available, you still have a versatile platform for a variety of terrain. Choose Trail Mode for smoother, flowier trails and then engage Gravity Mode when the going gets

Looking to run 27.5 Plus tires? This is our top pick in our bike lineup for that setup.




Ripping down the steepest, chunkiest, fall-line trails is a zen-like experience, simultaneously losing all sense of self and becoming one with your bike. This flow state requires the right tool for the job, a bike that knows no limits, instilling a daredevil’s confidence and monk’s focus. Chasing this feeling is what inspired us to develop the Gnarvana.

Gnarvana pairs 160 mm of Freedom Linkage-controlled travel with 29” wheels to create a bike fast enough to outrun your professional distractions and release yourself from terrestrial bonds. Come as you are and ascend to the next level with Gnarvana.

Guerrilla Gravity Carbon Frames

Revved Carbon Technology combines a revolutionary manufacturing process and evolved carbon fiber material to create the next generation of durable mountain bikes. 

These frames are made in North America using environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Fully Customizable

We have extensive customization options for every bike, meaning you get the bike that’s dialed for you and your riding style. 

Our extensive customization options allow you to choose:

Your favorite decal color 

Your favorite fork 

Your favorite shock 

Your favorite brakes 

Your favorite drivetrain 

...and more

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