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Knolly Bikes

Knolly Customs & Base Models

We have fully built Knolly bikes available. Ride out as is, or customize your bike to fit your individual ride style. 
Visit us at the shop to check them out and talk customizations.

Knolly Chilcotin


Knolly set out to design the next generation of the Enduro race bike and are proud to introduce the new Chilcotin. The new ride features 29’er wheels, updated geo, industry leading patented Fourby4 suspension. The Chilcotin is ready to race enduro and tough enough for large freeride hits.

Knolly Fugitive


The Fugitive LT takes the 29er trail bike and raises it to another level. Built to be an epic trail smasher it has the highest level of pedaling efficiency engineered into our bikes and yet it still maintains that famous Knolly traction. Push the limits of what you can climb, push the limits of how far you can ride and push your limits on every descent. The Fugitive is ready for it.

Knolly Warden


The new Warden is longer, lower, slacker, and ready to charge in whatever direction you point it. Featuring the newest generation of Fourby4 linkage, 157 trail rear spacing, and an improved pedal platform to help with those big days in the saddle - the Warden will always be our first choice all-mountain trail slayer.

Knolly Quality Manufacturing

Knolly’s focus on 'Only the Best' relates to our choice of frame materials and manufacturing processes.  With their extensive aluminum manufacturing experience, Knolly makes an aluminum frame that convincingly outperforms an average carbon frame (i.e. the majority of carbon mountain bike frames on the market).  

 Therefore, they only offer high end aluminum and high end carbon frames. They do not manufacture “price conscious” carbon fiber products as performance and quality are inevitably sacrificed when driving manufacturing costs down.  Both aluminum and carbon have their pros and cons and one frame material may meet an individual customer’s needs better than the other. Stop by the shop to discuss your individual needs.

Fully Customizable

We have extensive customization options for every bike, meaning you get the bike that’s dialed for you and your riding style.

Our extensive customization options allow you to choose:

Your Frame

Your Shocks

Your Wheelset

Your style

...and more

Certified New Mexico True | 100% Made in NM

505 Cycles is the only sporting goods retailer to be certified New Mexico True

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