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We Are One We Are One Union / Industry 9 Hydra - Carbon 27.5
The We Are One Revolution line of rims has been in development since June of 2018. The basis of the whole program was to round out a complete rim offering while implementing all that they learned about The Movement line of rims. We've said it before, and we will repeat it, not all carbon rims are made the same way. We Are One developed an entirely new molding process that improves on our layup processing and accuracy. The Revolution mold process allows for even more precise fiber placement and extension than our previous designs. The all-new rim shape allowed reduced radial stiffness and utilizes less fiber while increasing impact strengths as well. The shape combined with the layup offers a more homogenous system and provides more support to each component of the rim than ever before. WE ARE ONE UNION RIM Purpose - There were 3 main points that went into The Union. We are One wanted a rim that was lighter than The Agent, had lower radial stiffness than anything they made before, and gain a dramatic increase in impact resistance. With their new philosophy on layup design and these key points, they were able to achieve something truly impressive. This rim is made for those who want to race Enduro at a high level and ride harder than ever before. If you have ever had doubts about carbon rims, look no further than The Union. INDUSRTY NINE HYDRA HUBS Industry Nine Classic hubs are the heart of the wheelset, everything revolves around them, literally. Every Classic mountain hub is made start to finish in their Asheville, NC machine shop. From turning and milling bar stock 7075-T6 aluminum for shells, axles and encaps, wire EDM cutting A2 tool steel for pawls and driverings, to their own in-house anodization lab, every step of design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly is done on premises to their exacting standards. Hydra Classic mountain hubs are loaded with features every rider will appreciate such as revolutionary 0.52° engagement, generously low weights and an intuitive layout that can be serviced without any proprietary tools.
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